Sponsor a Child

With only 15€ a month you could support one of our children through the cost of education, securing their right to equal opportunities. Your support could be the change that transforms not only the life of a child, but of a whole community. Read below to find out how to get involved!

"Two worlds, one family"

Phil Collins

Why sponsor a child?

The Ssese Islands region of Uganda has one of the highest rates of primary school to secondary school dropouts in the world at 75% approximately. These statistics only account for the children that ever get registered for school in the first place: it is impossible to get exact numbers, but statistics have it that as many as 40% of all children never do.

There are different reasons why the statistics are so high. This is partially due to a lack of infrastructure across the islands, which means that many villages do not have local schools. The main school is on Bugala, the main island, and many families are unable to consistently send their children to boarding school. As a result, most children only get sporadic access to education, and can miss out on multiple terms at a time. 

By sponsoring a child you will ensure constant access to education. The support that you provide will cover all school costs that the family may incur, including fees, supplies and uniform. Regular donations also mean that local teachers can be paid fair wages, as well as covering the costs of running the school. 

How does the sponsorship work?

When you decide to become a sponsor you are paired with a child who is most at need of support. We believe the sponsorship to be more than just financial aid: creating strong bonds between the children and the sponsors is essential to ensuring a long-lasting relationship. For this reason we invest some time getting to know you better, so that both sponsors and children can learn and benefit from each other. 

Once that's done, your new journey as a sponsor begins. Your love and support will immediately be felt as the safety of free access to education is secured. From this point onwards, we will ensure that your sponsored child continues having unhindered access to the education they are entitled to.

As a sponsor, you will be able to see the impact of your contribution yourself by following the child's progress in school. But sponsoring a child is more than just school support: you will be able to communicate with each other through letters, photos, drawings and anything else you might want to exchange. 

And there's more: when we say we encourage real relationships between  the sponsors and the children, we really mean it. If you decide you would like to come meet the child you are sponsoring and their family, you are welcome to come visit the island and stay here at our camp.

Where does the money go?

The money you donate though our sponsorship program is invested directly into the children's education, and covers things such as school fees, school material and school meals. Part of your donation will also contribute to an emergency fund that will ensure we can provide adequate medical care in any case of need.

Through our Sponsor a Child program 100% of the contributions go towards the children's education. We take it upon ourselves to do everything we can to ensure that the needs of your sponsored child are always put first.

Join our quest for a better future!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please get in touch using the contact form below or email us at info@fireflyuganda.com 

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