Completed projects



With typhoid and other waterborne diseases being so prevalent throughout the islands, we always knew that one of our greatest priorities had to be the design and construction of a highly efficient water purification system. After the successful completion of our small test water purification system, we have now built the big brother unit. It provides the school with super clean, drinkable, high pressure water.
Our water system relies on and is only built with natural, local, and environmentally friendly resources. Pumped from a 3 meter deep well on the beach, the water flows through a series of filters, before it exits the taps as pure, crystalline water.
The school children have been enjoying the tasty water, and we have not had a single typhoid case at Banda Island Primary School since the installation.




This is the first of our successful test models, which will be used as a model for future systems across the island and the rest of the region.  ​

A western toilet connected to a composting system allows us to avoid polluting the lake. The compost is treated and turned over time and eventually will be used to fertilize the soil. Additionally, this creates an eventual methane gas supply which will be used to heat the water. All of our water comes from the lake, and we use a natural purification system to create an environmentally friendly source of running water.



We have recently built a sturdy but temporary new classroom to keep the school going until we have fundraised enough money to build the permanent school house. Over the last year most classes have been taught outside and have often been disrupted by bad weather. We now have a more reliable structure that is rain and windproof, which means we no longer have to cancel classes. The children now have a safe space to learn about Maths, English, Luganda and Social Studies without interruptions.





We are proud to say that as of 7th March 2016 Firefly Uganda is officially a Non-Governmental Organisation with the charity number S.5914/1230. So far, this has been one of our biggest achievements which has taken time and effort. By working with the local community and national authorities in Uganda we are now not only officially recognised but also respected throughout Uganda. Check out our certificate to the left of this text!

Having registered ourselves in Uganda we have also established a sister association in Germany. Firefly Germany is there to support us with our fundraising, as well as managing our volunteers from a more accessible location.


Together we are Firefly and our aim is to become an internationally recognised organisation on the quest for a better future.


For more details about the costs of our projects, please download our PDF file below.